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SP Thessaloniki

SP Thessaloniki is the heart of esports in Greece. Why? Read it yourself:

We love gaming, we have personally been gamers since the Atari and Amiga 500 days, and later on have been working in Gaming Cafes for more than 20 years. Our dream project, SP Gaming, opened 14 years ago and we have been trying to offer the highest quality for the gaming public of our city since 2005.
We currently offer equipment such Secret lab Titan chairs, BenQ Zowie and Asus ROG monitors, 2080rtx GPUs, and equivalent gaming peripherals from Cooler Master, Razer, Logitech and HyperX, while we frequently organize tournaments on a local level.

We hope to be part of something greater, to offer a chance for our players to be seen by more people and perhaps be presented with opportunities they wouldn’t have in Greece alone.

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