Thank you for joining the preseason!

The preseason has come to an end and we are now ready to focus on the next point on the agenda: Season One! With loads of feedback, social data and new ideas we are headed for an awesome time here at City League. We hope all the players and venues had an amazing experience playing in our tournaments! But before we get to the new season, let’s have a closer look at how things went for you, and us, in the pre-season.

Preseason Preperations

When we launched preseason, we didn’t really know what to expect. Yes, we reached out to a lot of teams. But would they even care? Would they play? Are there enough venues interested? These were all questions we asked ourselves at the beginning of the project. You guys showed us that the answer to these questions was very simple: yes! The first weekend was a real hype and people from all over Europe tuned in to watch teams play against eachother.

The afterparty

Back to the here and now. Looking back on the preseason, we can come to the conclusion that is was a great success. Many of you showed to have heart for esports and Overwatch in general. You interacted with us, gave us feedback and made Twitch chat look colourful all the time! There is no better feeling to unite a community, and that’s what happend in the City League. It’s the interaction that has made this really fun for everybody, so we really want to thank all of you who participated.

A special thanks goes out to the casters, who made things really exciting during our livestreams. Amazing casters like Chronicler, Joltik, Wuffi and our very own tournament director Cuin made this all possible. Also a huge thanks to all the co-casters who were there when needed!

What will happen now?

While the preseason was a huge success, we still have to decide what the next step of City League will be! Later this month we will reveal the path we are aiming to take. Keep an eye on our social accounts like Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date! For now, enjoy the top 3 slips of the preseason and the official aftermovie!

The official aftermovie


Top 3 clips of the preseason


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