The Grand European Finals by Omen

The Grand European Finals by Omen

The City League (TCL) is proud to announce a new, upcoming project: The Grand European Final Powered by Omen! TCL is a unique league concept based on physical esports venues across Europe. Teams play a live streamed online battle from inside their partner venue against all other teams in the league.

The Grand European Final Powered by Omen will be a huge single elimination CS:GO special, all played from physical esports venues across Europe with a central broadcast. Up to 64 teams can compete from inside their partner venue and battle for glory of their club and city. Teams are allowed to join with a maximum of 9 players. 

What is the grand prize?

The first placed team will take home the biggest TCL throphy you have ever seen! Furthermore, clubs can win a cash prize and amazing hardware. Full details regarding the prizes will be announced soon!

Where can I sign up?

Remember, you can only play in The City League from your local esports bar. So make sure to reach out to your local bar and sign up! Joining as an esports club is free in 2019, so there is no reason to wait! We’ll create a custom club page for you and you can instantly join the regular season of TCL as well. Including League of Legends and Rocket League. The next seasons will kick off at the end of October 2019. 

How much does this cost?

The City League maintains a contribution model for it’s players. You can pay contribution to your local esports club and then you can sign up. We’ll be managing the sign up fee with each esports club individually. The basic fee will be €5 per player. But remember to check this with your local esports bar, you might have to pay for a PC slot there!

Questions? Please join us on discord and ask a ‘Mayor’ directly or check for daily updates on our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram page!

Sign up and play from your local esports club


The City League Grand European Finals Powered by Omen by HP

Tournament Overview

Knock out your opponents and advance!

Single Elimination Bracket

The full schedule of the Grand Final