You can VOTE for your favorite CS:GO map!

Season one is about to start and all teams are getting ready. While you wait for the grand opening, here is some very exciting news to catch up on. And it’s about YOU, And YOU taking a vote!

Vote for your map

In the first season of City League, we will be introducing map-voting to the community. This is how it works:

  • Go to
  • Every week, from Monday morning to Tuesday evening, the poll will be opened
  • Everyone can vote for their two favorite CS:GO maps, that they want to play/see played
  • We pick two maps for all teams to play on, based on votes
  • The week after, the two maps from last week will be removed from the poll

This continues until the end of the group stage!

Get the community involved

Why are we doing this? Shouldn’t we be all old fashioned? We don’t think so! By sharing the map-picking process with the community, everyone is getting involved! The community matters to us and we think this unique concept is a great way to get more people involved with the full esports experience. Do you want to play a certain map? Fine! Get in your friends, grandma and cat, because they all have to vote for that one map! See what we did there?

Keep an eye on our Twitter channel, Discord Server and on the website, because the poll for the first matches will be live this monday 10:00 CEST!!

We also have more exciting news for you all to read, so stay tuned and get HYPED for the first season of City League!

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